I'm up over 25% today, and my currently active portfolio is up over 33%, and I have a current (sensitive info. edited, of course) screenshot of my account homepage to prove it. It's all due to your subscription, the information shared therein, the people I've met, spoken to and followed on Twitter, all mixed with my own skills of trading and investing that I had brought to the table when I signed up for SuperAlerts on January 1st, less than two months ago. See, your subscription doesn't just offer picks; it's more than that. It's a great tool for networking, to find many other like-minded people. For example: one of my current holdings (NASDAQ listed) is up 44% today. And even though it's not a " SuperAlert " it is from someone whom I found within Superman's web (no pun intended) / network. Through your subscription I've gotten more than I expected; great people, great info, new strategies and new information outlets. So for that, I thank you.

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